Cannabis Consumers
in America 2023

Part 1: An overview of consumers today

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Our latest report on cannabis consumers draws from our 2023 cannabis consumer survey, and details new insights into demographics, product preferences, purchasing habits, motivations for use and attitudes towards cannabis consumption. With 42% of U.S. adults having used cannabis and likely to do so again, and another 15% expressing interest in trying cannabis in the future, acceptance and receptiveness continues to grow, creating massive opportunities in both new and emerging markets.

Key Findings:

  • 42% of U.S. adults say they have used cannabis and will likely use it again.  
  • Cannabis use frequency among current consumers does not vary significantly by home state market type (adult use, medical, illicit). 
  • Among current consumers, 37% increased cannabis consumption in the last year. 
  • 70% of current consumers say their cannabis use helps them achieve a specific objective. 
  • 53% of current consumers describe their cannabis use as both medical and recreational. 
  • 51% of self-identified medical consumers say they have replaced at least some of their prescription medications with cannabis. 

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