With the expansion of global legal cannabis markets over the past decade, regulatory frameworks remain fragmented across national and state borders. In our latest report, 2021 Cannabis Regulatory Landscape: Emerging Trends in North America & Europe, we examine how and why regulations are evolving and explore the impact of cannabis consumer sentiment and behavior as a driving force behind regulatory evolution and standardization.


Key Report Findings:

  • Consumer sentiment will influence regulations with 66% of cannabis consumers agreeing that legal cannabis is safer than illegal cannabis, and 77% of consumers citing potency as a “very” or “extremely” important driver in purchasing decisions.
  • Potency caps in future legislation will likely include limits on THC to protect younger and inexperienced users, and in the absence of a unified regulatory structure, states are evaluating potency caps individually.
  • Inconsistent CBD regulations in Europe have created a patchwork landscape for CBD products where average per capita annual spend on CBD was projected to reach €21Billion in 2020.