Vol. 2-2019: Cannabis Consumer CBD Use

New Frontier Data's Consumer Insight Series: Cannabis Consumer CBD Use looks at consumers who purchase both THC and CBD products and why brands should look to target this high-spending and highly engaged group. Here are some ways you can leverage this report:

  • Understand the intersection of THC and CBD users
  • Identify purchasing habits and price sensitivity for CBD products
  • Discover tips for targeting and developing marketing messaging to THC/CBD users
  • Learn which consumer groups are “low-hanging fruit” to capture market share
  • And more!


Consumer Insights are critical for organizations that want to build a competitive advantage and grow market share in the ever-changing cannabis industry. The cannabis consumer is not a monolith and competitive brands will build strategies to identify and better understand their target audience.

To understand the nuances of cannabis consumers, New Frontier Data conducted a survey to 3,000+ cannabis consumers, which revealed insights into various aspects of cannabis consumer behavior and engagement. New Frontier Data has identified five forces changing the consumer landscape:

  1. Expanding legal access
  2. Therapeutic efficacy
  3. New product innovation
  4. Convenience and discretion
  5. Social acceptance

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